Water Area

The Wellness center “Natural Spa” (access allowed only to those over 16 year) is a space of 1100m2 with all the necessary facilities for feeling well and the relax you deserve on your holidays. The decoration and the equipment of this space, invites to rest and receiving the comprehensive balance, which is necessary to leave behind the stressfully pace of the everyday life.

The circuit path is composed of the following elements:

  • Pool water circuit with pressurized water jets that have a stimulating massage and provide a pleasant feeling of relax.
  • Sauna, among other benefits, in this cabin eliminates toxins, cleaning the epidermis in depth.
  • Steam bath, indicated for the revitalization of the tissues, can stimulate the nervous and hormonal systems.
  • Hamman, this lightweight steam is indicated to fit people for hypotension problems should avoid the sauna or steam bath.
  • Jacuzzi, recommended for stress, provides a calming effect, is also suitable for blood circulation and heart activity.
  • Footbath, its water jets bithermal help activate circulation, stimulate while eliminating energy points heaviness.
  • Contrast showers, the combination of different effects, get a perfect toning and stimulation.